HRI Research Conference

16 Apr 2013 | Appuntamenti e eventi


Welcome to the inaugural International Homeopathy Research Conference, hosted by The Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI). At this landmark event, we will be bringing together a broad audience of researchers,
practitioners, students and those with an interest in homeopathy research, to hear from world experts about their latest findings in this rapidly developing field. The HRI Conference is also about fostering new talent, with opportunities for those who are relatively new to the field to share their findings, as well as pre-Conference training workshops for complete beginners.

Interest in homeopathy research has grown dramatically over recent years, both within the homeopathic profession and externally. This reflects the ever-increasing emphasis being placed on evidence based medicine across all modalities and the crucial role rigorous research is now playing in the development of homeopathy.

Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy is a rare event in the worldwide conference calendar. Usually homeopathy research sessions are embedded within events covering homeopathy as a whole, or form part of CAM-wide research events. The HRI is proud to be hosting a two and a half day event dedicated solely to homeopathy research, providing a forum for the sharing of ideas and the creation of international scientific collaborations.